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Are you looking to manifest real change in your life? 

Are you a coach, a therapist or a healer looking to earn a great living and reach a wider audience without feeling burnt out?

At The Virtual Holistic Centre, we can help!

The Virtual Holistic Centre is a place where you can manifest change by declogging your body and mind using a wide variety of our complementary healing modalities so you can get your Zen on!

All our practices embrace rest and embody repair so you can feel fully aligned with yourself, with others and the world around you. 

We are a community-led platform that offers a virtual space to teachers, therapists, healers and self-help facilitators who hold space for healing.  

And we hold the space for you so, as a change-maker, you can spend more time focusing on your niche while we navigate the ever-changing online business world for you.  

The space we hold for you allows you to earn a living and reach a wider audience without getting burnt out by having to consistently create FREE content and give-a-ways.

By collaborating with us at The Virtual Holistic Centre, you'll have endless free content to share without you having to create it all yourself, and our customers here will have top quality content to learn from. 

So, if you believe that a community that works together thrives together, and you’d like to explore working together, head over to our services page and select LEARN MORE.

At The Virtual Holistic Centre, We Teach You How To Embrace Rest & Receive.
Really Receive!

Learn How To Embrace Rest

Yoga Nidra - Yoga of Sleep

This amazing technique translates to mean the yoga of sleep.  Twenty minutes is equivalent to two hours of sleep.

Dealing With Anxiety 

Breathing Meditation
Learn all about powerful breathing techniques founded in meditation, yoga and healing modalities such as breathwork.

Self-Care Touch

Self Massage
We all have the gift of touch. Let us show you how to take care of yourself through self-massage.

At The Virtual Holistic Centre, We Share Practices That Fill Your Cup So You Feel Connected, Rejuvenated & Aligned. 

Heart. Self-Reflections.
Develers Gems

Positive Heart
We share gratitude practices, journaling exercises and introduce you to keynote speakers to fill your heart with warmth, love, inspiration and motivation.

Healthy Eating & Education To Manage Weight

Mindfull Nutrition

Nutritional tips that encourage you and let you know you’re on the right track.  We embrace all diets at TVHC and share our guidance, no matter how uncommon your diet – Coming Soon.

Tools For Stress Management, Pain & Energy

Restorative Yoga

A wide variety of Yoga practices such as Restorative and Yin yoga.  Each practice allows you to leave your competitive side at the door and come to stillness and a  place of presence.

At The Virtual Holistic Centre, We Help You Feel Connected
Rejuvenated & Aligned. 



Family Yoga

We offer a wide range of approaches so you can choose the one that best suits you and your family.  Yoga improves your flexibility, strength, movement, alignment and energy – Coming Soon.

Qi Gong

At The Virtual Holistic Centre, We Help You Move Through Your Body, Space & Life With More Ease,
Mindfulness & Kinship. 

Sound Baths

General Movement

Warm Up

A combination of graduated movement practices to help shake off stress, move stagnated energy, loosen stiff muscles.  Become connected with yourself and mobilise your joints.

Sound Baths

Sound Baths are a healing modality that helps release, blocked, stagnant energy and retunes the rhythm of the organs and the other systems that makes us whole.

Movement For Health


Our sessions are delivered by different teachers, each specialising in a different practice and modality that offers you a unique way of moving for wellness.  We encourage you to move within your ‘soft limits’ and allow yourself to be guided by your inner voice.  Coming Soon.

The Virtutal Holistic Centre Is More Than Visual

We Give Embodied Practices To Help

You Shift, Align,

Connect Move Forward.

TVHC - It's About You!

Hear What Others Have To Say About The Virtual Holistic Centre

Mary McCann

To begin with, I came to you through a referral from my sister, who I trust because she's a nurse, and it's worked tremendously.  I read about Yoga Nidra, but I didn't know how it would make me feel.

First of all, it was nice of you to explain about sleep cycles, it was enlightening, and then, when I came around, I felt so relaxed and so revitalised.  It was wonderful, basically, I felt like I had a really good sleep!  Most of all, I like the benefits the Yoga Nidra, and the sound bath give me.  Above all, it's a place that calms the mind down and soothes the body and most importantly, it gives me a little bit of me-time from the outside world and the outside forces we deal with of a regular basis.

Becky Mitchell

Firstly, I was first interested in the massage work, but then I attended the yoga classes as well because of the positive intentions and the creativity it offers.

You see I have problems with my back, but most importantly, I was made to feel really comfortable with it by making sure I had enough support.  Once, at a live event, I felt a little bit like a caterpillar, all cocooned.  Above all, I felt safe and it was really relaxing.

As a result, this practice has unlocked a part of my creativity that has created something that's been both beautiful and strange, but above all very positive!

Dionne Roberts

Firstly, I look forward to David's weekly affirmations.  One week I found myself smiling from ear to ear which is when I realised how effective this short, sweet practice lights me up and what a glow David has to bring such an effect.

Above all, I'm so happy I have them on demand for whenever there's a bump in the road.

Lynn Smith

I first started using Dionne's Yoga Nidra Soundscapes during lockdown, and they helped relax and calm me during this difficult period, very effectively.

Yoga Nidra has been a favorite of mine for many years, but Dionne's version is exceptional. First of all, she starts with a warm welcome, and then she guides you with her beautiful, soft voice, through a myriad of incredible sounds, some of which I have never heard before.  Secondly, you are immersed in her themed program and transported to somewhere of complete relaxation and peace.  Not to mention, the feeling afterwards, it's bliss.  Above all, I must say that Dionne is an expert at her craft, and I always eagerly await her next creation and enjoy the presence of this sweet lady, in short, you will not be disappointed.

Leann Edwards

I listen to sound baths as I suffer with my physical and mental health, especially when I'm having very bad days.  So, I lay on my bed with my earphones close my eyes and take the vibrations from the sounds to the parts of my body that needs help at that moment.  I always fall asleep before the ending, but I wake up feeling much more relaxed and not feeling so drained.

What's more, I was dreading my MRI scan the other day and the awful noises that it makes but I tuned my mind to override the noise and change it to the sounds for the videos I get from here which got me through 30 min MRI.

So thank you!

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