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Membership of The Virtual Holistic Centre includes access to a wide variety of top quality content, from classes to downloads, delivered by professional facilitators from all over the world.  

Our friendly team offers you exclusive content, whatever your interests or level of experience, to help you move from where you are now, to a life that’s more balanced and aligned.  

Additionally, as a member, you’ll receive a powerful mix of live and uploaded content every month as well as discounts on our in-person and virtual events and retreats. 

Not only that, we’re constantly adding more services to our platform, so you have everything you need to take care of your health and live your life at the next level, a life where work-life balance is no longer a theory, but your lived experience.

Day by day, week by week, month by month, year on year, we’re here to help.

Not to mention, if you sign-up for membership now, you’ll secure our Founder Member Pricing offer and have lifetime access at the same low price to our caring community of facilitators who lead with heart and passion for what they do.


Become A Collaborator

Recognise your higher self

Do you have a transformative skill or product you’d like to sell?

Or maybe you have a healing modality or gift you want to share?

Are you a wounded healer and your wounds make you an expert in your field?

Have you ever felt burnt out by trying to build your business before?

Then you’ve come to the right place!


Are You A Change Maker ?



If your skills can make a difference, then you are in the right place!

When you join The Virtual Holistic Centre as a collaborator, you’re not only going to reach more people, you’re also going to be choosing to serve others the smart way, rather than trying to compete with others in your industry.  I know, this goes against the grain of how we usually think about business, but keep reading, and you’ll understand. 

Our approach at TVHC is what honey means to bees. Rather than selling ice to an Eskimo!

In other words, if you try selling ice to Eskimos, you’ll soon realise you’re not getting anywhere and that you don’t have enough time on your hands as you work harder and harder to reach a wide audience.

Learn How To Become A Better Film Producer With Your Phone

At The Virtual Holistic Centre, we understand your passion for healing and how sometimes your dedication to serving has been at your own expense. We want to help you monetise your gift and put pounds into your passion as well as your pocket.

And, of course, we appreciate how tough it is, with so many healers and coaches scrambling to get online and grow their businesses and social platforms. It can seem impossible to keep up with the practitioners who have been in the game for 5, 10 years or even 20 years. With that in mind,  at TVHC we help you create the content as well or even better than more experienced businesses so you can thrive online.

The Virtual Holistic Centre Services

For you to gain the type of Google coverage I’m proposing you’ll need to be on as many platforms as possible.  So, while you might be prolific on four platforms, another collaborator may also be covering four, two of which might be different from those you work with.  Of course, the other two might be where you overlap, but working with us will encourage the algorithm to suggest your name, brand and product more frequently in the search engines. Also,  we’ll help you with reposting and content creation.

Not only that, but TVHC will also help with marketing and training for you to achieve global coverage.  For now, just know you’ll never be able to create enough free content and giveaways while focusing on your niche without burning out!  Therefore, doing it entirely alone in this day and age where EVERYONE has moved their business online, is not a wise decision, but joining us is!

What’s more, as our community channel grows, so will your name.  So, if you want to know more and would like to take the next step to join this community-led platform that markets your niche for you and sets you up with a membership program and free bonus content, select the button below.

What Do I Get If I Become A Team Member?

In addition to everything above, you’ll also get a recurring monthly income, one-to-one appointments and, when the time is right, walk-in traffic.

As well as lots more…

  • Free events for you to attend and experience with all the sessions on replay
  • Earn a commission if you choose to offer our events to your audience

This will be our first of many annual virtual retreats.

And remember, joining us at this time makes it all the more ‘special’ as we make history among the rise of virtual business.

  • Free Promotion
  • Earn A Regular & Increasing Income
  • Access To Free Content
  • Add The Membership To Your Existing Business
  • Free To Access Content
  • Free To Upload Your Content
  • Collaborate With Others
  • Promote Your Offers, Services & Products
  • Be Featured On The Collective’s Social Media Platforms

Become A
Retreat Guest

Retreat Speakers

As we make history among the rise of virtuality.

Details Of The Product 

  • Free Promotion
  • Earn An Income From Ticket Sales
  • Access To Free Content
  • Add The Product To Your Existing Business
  • Collaborate With Others
  • Promote Your Offers, Services & Products
  • Be Featured On The Collective’s Social Media Platforms

What makes this retreat so special?

It’s different from any other retreat you may have facilitated as each and every participant will be encouraged to take part from their bed.

This retreat is called Rest & Digest and is being held on January 15th – 17th 2021 and you too can conduct your whole entire session from your bed, if it suits you.  I, your host will certainly be doing so!

Do You Like New Experiences ?

  • Do you feel adventurous enough to try something new?
  • Are you prepared to practice what you preach?
  • Is it time to effect real change?

If so, how far would you go?

I’m asking you this question because we are running a retreat in January and we would like both our participants and our facilitators to conduct the whole retreat (or as much as they can) from their BEDS! Our virtual retreat will span the whole weekend, with the theme of Rest & Digest.

To learn why it’s invaluable as well as special, you’ll have to play the video below!

Retreats are especially effective in January, with a second imersion in September and we’d like to help you experience the same transformation.

So you may be wondering how a virtual retreat can top the destination summer holiday summer?  The video below explains how.

Rest & Digest Virtual Retreat

The theme of our retreat is REST, and we’ll be showing participants how to promote and nurture their bodies and minds to digest the passing of the previous year. We’ll also teach attendees how to replenish themselves after the festivities. Not only that, but we’ll also focus on the biopsychosocial conditions, their ill effects and the behaviours they have against REST so they can set a new precedent, catch up and become more present.

What’s more, right now, you can choose the length of your session.  You can have anything from 30 mins – 2 hours.  In addition, you can also choose if you’d like to give away any bonuses.  Lastly, you can earn a handsome 50% of ticket sales.  Simply let us know, and we will set it up for you.

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Subscribe To Get Better Sleep, Info & Support. Starting Today With A Free Sample Of My Sleep System.

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