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Our Rest and Digest virtual retreat will…

  • Educate your nervous system so it will allow you to rest.
  • Promote your deep healing, repair and rejuvenation.
  • Teach you about bio-psychology and how it can help you get more rest.
  • Explore the ways you sabotage your rest and wellbeing, both in the present day and as a result of your ancestral lineage.
  • Inspire you with motivational talks to empower and inspire you to explore self-care.
  • Teach you how to reset your circadian rhythm so you can get more rest.
  • Allow you to investigate your mind-body connection and your ability to rest.

Without the need to travel to another location – Cut out travel time & expense & receive the rewards of a retreat straight away with our guidence. 

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Who Is The Rest & Digest Virtral Retreat For?

Do you feel overworked and under-supported?

Have you been told to rest, but you don’t know how?

Has your culture, gender, race or faith made it difficult for you to self-care?

Have you been diagnosed or born with a chronic condition that demands rest?

Then you have come to the right place!

The Rest & Digest virtual retreat will support you by encouraging you and showing you what restful self-care really looks like. 

We will support you through a weekend of deeply restful activities that will promote your healing and give your body and mind the space to process and update itself. 


We acknowledge that digestion is far more than the processing of food and our collaborative approach synthesises the union of the physical, emotional and mental elements of our lives so you can feel more aligned.


Our Rest and Digest virtual retreat will…

  • Teach you about the three fundamental ways your nervous system has been processing the shock & fear of 2020.   
  • Guide you through the flight, flee or freeze responses and help you digest 2020, put it in the past and become present in this moment. 

And, as an extra bonus, we’ve prepared a handbook for you so you can plan your meals before the retreat. You’ll also receive the details of our facilitators and you’ll have access to a supportive Facebook community once the retreat is over. 

Rest & Digest Virtual Retreat
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