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Even If Your Not A Collaborator of TVHC & You Work In A Different Industry There Are Services & Resources Here That May Suit Your Carrier Or Business


  • Being able to articulate your message clearly, consciencely & effectively is a key to success.

  • Another of which is learning to work on your business instead of in your business.  With the right automation tools and strategies, to suit.

  • Thridly being a part of a community is the thrid leg that will help you with the rest as whom we surround ourselves with is what we will go into.

Professional Development


Are you fulfilling your destiny?  Are you living your dream?  Would you like a side hustle?

  • Do you have a passion for something, you’d like to share? But You don’t know how to get your message across.
  • Do you enjoy offering solutions?  But what you get in return is not an adequate reflection of what you give.
  • Would you like to get more yeses and wins in your life?
  • Are you a collaborator of ‘The Virtual Holistic Centre’ & would like some training in selling, marketing and pitching (speaker of ours & your offers)?
  • If not would you’d like to start, but don’t know where to start?
  • How many incomes streams do you have?  If it’s under 7, tap on the images below.
  • You’ll find active and passive ways you can increase your income.
Recurring Income Summit
Progressive Business

Based In The UK

I’ve been working with ‘Progressive Success for nearly a year now.  It all took off for me last year when I buried my head in my work and entertained myself with an app called ‘clubhouse’.  I found myself gravitating to their rooms on the app.  Spent hours absorbing the wealth of knowledge while laughing my face off.  From the openness and freedom of expression, of my new mentor.  Since then I have been on lots of summits, challenges and masterclasses.  It’s always been said that if you want to change your fanatical circumstances learn from the best who’s walked the path, sand so that’s what I’ve been doing. 
If you wanna turn your professional career around and have access to wealthy individuals so they can mentor you and your business don’t hesitate.

Sign up!  Relinquish your email address in this instance, by considering the practical, financial help you are going to reap.



Influence, Clients, Votes, Donations. So You Can Help Touch People’s Lives

Most British people scorn at the mere mention of the ‘M’ word, with the view of it being ‘the root of all evil’, while others fear talking about it as if it would jeopardise their attainment of it, lose what they have, or be seen as working-class or on the breadline.  Meanwhile, the 1% remain protected by these mindsets, the rest of the population beholds.  Although this mindset is not exclusive from other countries, I think this has been worth pointing out.  As I’m here to tell you the root of wealth comes from health.  Therefore if you truly want to make a sustainable difference in your health, heal your story around money.  By learning the art of communicating that which you have and wish to serve others with, and how your gifts, offer solutions to them.


Based In The USA, All Taught Online.

Next, I’d like to introduce you to another one of my mentors.  A powerhouse of a woman, I also meet on the app ‘Clubhouse’.  Her sassiness is empowering, her heart is huge and her ability to mentor whether directly in person or virtually is an opportunity to learn a lot from.

With the world being as it is – Millionaires like these would not have been accessible.  Nor would these new audio apps.  Serve to bring us all closer to one another.  With these fallen boundaries you now get the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry of business.  Whether you are an individual or a business.

If you would like a meeting I’ll be more than happy to introduce you.  Before you ask tap on the link and get aquanted first.  You may just learn something in the meantime.


Nuture Your Community

Do you find that your passion business that started out as alabour of love is becoming more labours?  If you’ve answered “Yes” it means you’re woking inside your business too much instead on on it.


How Much Are You Working In Your Business?

In a nutshell, ‘automate’.

Spot the circle of ‘burnout’.

When you have a fully customisable automation system you’ll save time, which is money.  

You save energy which is health.  

This is why wealth is the sum of your health.  

As you’ll have the time to energy more…

Wanna Make Your Business
Go Viral?

If you find content creation time consuming, stressful, depleting and worst of all, not converting for your business, you’re going to love the content system I am about to share with you. (It’s what I use on a day to day basis to grow and monetize my social media on autopilot). 

It’s called the Viral Content Club® and it’s the number one content marketing membership on the market (and definitely my favourite one). It’s run by my friend at, who’s a literal viral marketing genius, who built an audience of over 100k+ followers and over 10k+ customers herself and has a ton of testimonials of people going from 0 to 10k+ real engaged followers. 

If you’re interested in checking it out and joining though, you need to hurry up because once you click on the page you’ll have 30 days to make a decision for your business that will turn it around, while taking me in the process.  

Check it out  >> Here

Viral Social Media Marketing

Inspiration From Leaders

Books By Leaders – To Inspire


If you stroll through them you’ll see what I mean.  From the classics to some innovative entrepreneurs.




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