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One To One

Wanna Know If This Is For You?

You can apply to work with me.  It’s a simple application form, after that with we’ll jump on a Zoom call and go from there.  There will be no obligation to work with me afterwards and if I don’t think I can help you I’ll be sure to say at the end of the call.

To Apply

Click on the work ‘here‘.

Payment Plan

Since this is either in pilot or betta mood you are not going to be charged the 20% extra on this payment price.

Who Is This For?

The 'Deep Dive Menopause Program' Is for you if you are;

  • Struggle to sleep well, wake up tired and feel fatigued throughout the day, and they would like not to have this ruin their quality of life.
  • Struggle with excuse weight since you started your menopause and feel comfortable in your body, and would like to like themselves again and create a new regime they can maintain
  • Experiencing a drop in your libido and would like to know what they can do about it.
  • You are having trouble with your womb's health and feeling emotionally low about it and physical discomfort.  Is open to trying new and exciting methods of self-care for their womb.
  • In pain (joint and muscular), you are ready to address it and find new ways to physically move your body in more enjoyable ways and shift old the patterns that aren't serving them.
  • Have no idea what's happening to their body and would like to understand their hormones for the better.
  • Women ready to listen and be coached, no more saying 'I can't keep still, 'I tried everything, this won't work for me,' and 'I've got too much on to do XYZ for myself.'


What You'll Get In This Program?

Monthly Coaching Calls
Q & A: Group Coaching
Content In A Vault
Partner Programs (from my contributors)

Plus Added Bonuses

Such as;

+ The Sleep System For Menopausal Women
+ Monthly Membership Subscription
+ Rest & Digest Virtual Retreat

You will get access to these bonuses when you make your purchase, along with my digital appointment scheduler so you are able to book your enrollment call and set up your first coaching call and our first session.

What Is A Pilot Or Betta Program?

Why Is it Important For You To Know This?

At the time of purchase, the 'Menopause Deep Dive' 8-month program will be in one of these two stages,  Which is why you will be paying less than £4110.00+VAT. This discounted offer will make you, what's known as a founding member. It entails you having a front-row seat as I create the product.  You will have the opportunity to FEEDBACK back to me as I deliver LIVE sessions.   As well as any time you experience the pre-recorded content I upload. I shall pre-record for you as you tell me more about what you would like to see, experience and have.  Therefore delivering a bespoke experience to you, if it's at the pilot stage.

If you are a better tester, you will still be getting this 8-month program at a discount for the same reason.  However, by now, you will have more material to binge on and execute to get your needs meet.  Your testimonials at this stage are of vital importance (at the end of each module).  Plus, the more feedback you give, the more I can tweak the program for you, as well, before it becomes final.


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