Collaborators Can Upload Their Content For Free
While Earning From Their Contribution

Collaborators want to join a virtual space where your work is seen by thousands of people, at no cost to you!.  The Virtual Holistic Centre is the place to be.  We are looking to expand, if you are a therapist, holistic practitioner or medical professional, who has adapted to sharing their skills in a virtual setting, then come on board.  This is a place where you can grow your community or nurture your existing ones.  By making this membership your lowest ticket offering, while you focus on designing your hight end courses and programs.  To get started sign up HERE

Collaborators & Memberships

We are a community led platform that offers a virtual space to teachers, therapist, healers and self-help facilitators who holds space for healing.  Meanwhile the community at TVHC, holds the literal space.  So you, as a change maker, can spend more time focusing on your niche.  While we navigate the ever changing online business world for you.  Giving you the opportunity to earn a living and reach a wider audience without getting burn't out by having to consistently create FREE content and give-a-ways.

To conclude, they’ll receive X amount of classes on-demand.  By the grace of contributors world-wide -
Each will;

  • Keep your clients enrolled
  • Occupy them with binge worthy content, until your next set of classes are uploaded
  • Plus advertise or content

Just when your clients think of you!  You'll appear with your new content (or even content they have received before, but now will have it on-demand) making your membership priceless.  As well as accessible, world wide.  This is how your clients will become life-time members, by the relationship they build with you inside this hub. 

Giving you a secure! Monthly income!

Apply now, we'll love to have you!

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