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It’s not about me, it’s about you!

But I was already planning on setting up an online business. I’d even made it my New Year’s Resolution. And so, the TVHC was birthed in lockdown, in order to serve others. Most importantly, to serve both its members and its therapists.


First of all, at the start of the year, I invested in a short course and soon attended an in-person event with 10 other coaches.

Then, in a packed room, our course leader taught us that we must be hungry for success, otherwise, we’d unquestionably fail.

What’s more, he told us we must snatch success out of other people’s hands and then do whatever it takes to win. But, that approach didn’t sit comfortably with me, so instead, I turned the whole approach around. While our speaker praised two of my fellow entrepreneurs for snatching a copy of his book right out of his hand, I had another idea!

My Different Idea!

Firstly, I strolled confidently up to the stage, and I laid my hands softly on his shoulders. Then I set my magic thumbs on two special acupressure points. As I placed my thumbs on his shoulders, I said, “Is this OK”? His response was, after a long pause, “Yes”. As I gently massaged his shoulders, I rendered him speechless. Needless to say, not only did I get the last copy of his book, but I also believe without a doubt, that I taught him more than I learnt in the whole day.

Instead of staying until the end, I returned home and immediately wrote to the coach who had truly impressed me that year. Then, feeling full of inspiration, I pulled a team together to finally fulfil my vision of working online; and so The Virtual Holistic Centre was born. To sum it up, TVHC is a collective that responds to the wishes of others and above all, supports the needs of wellness entrepreneurs as the industry explodes.

TVHC – Without A Doubt, It’s About You!



Am I The Right Person For The Job?

​Without a doubt, my deep commitment to community goes back to 1991 when I moved into a communal living space with an ethos committed to clean living, vegetarianism and socialism. Then, in 2003 I moved into a Western version of a Buddhist monastery and, while I no longer live there,  I still practice and uphold my commitment to this way of life which above all, is to serve others.

TVHC – It’s About You!

In Reality, Was This Out Of Escapism?

Not at all, coming from a family of six children, I deeply understand the value of community and, taken together with being a holistic practitioner for 23 years, it felt natural to birth this collective. 

What’s more, I understand the power of living in numbers, and I lay a rug down for others so that healing creatives and seekers can find the help they need to thrive and abundantly receive in the information age.

TVHC – It’s About You!

We’re Different From Most

Wanna Meet The Team?

Dionne Roberts

Dionne’s personal brand is Cosy Yoga which is why she is so passionate about, rest, repair and rebalancing before rebooting

Phoebe Leona

From NOMadalwaysatOm
Creator of Mvt109™

Has developed a movement called nOMad always at OM which shares and teaches an embodied form of expression called Mvt109. Additionally, she also has a podcast known as nOmad’s, The Space In Between.   Above all, this movement practice was born out of her personal experience and her qualifications in modern dance (BFA) yoga, pilates, and therapeutic training in trauma. Because, when you work with her you play with the essence of this practice until your own body begins to move itself.

David Largie

Words Of Wisdom

A serial entrepreneur, a family man, and a man of faith.  He has a series of motivational sessions, that inspires and lift you up – so ones’ ability to see the magic in life.

Virginia J F

Virginia J Fassio is a FreedomSeeker and a conscious entrepreneur.  Born and raised in Italy, she has traveled and lived abroad often since a very young age, discovering and learning about other cultures and ways of living life, stretching her own experience out of the conventional rules.  This has sparked a huge desire within her heart to create a life out of the box and aim’s to connect & co-create with other like-minded people to make an impact now and for future generations.  She is a strong believer that we are all here for a reason, having a mission to accomplish.  It all starts from within, loving ourselves and being the best version of who we can be, to show others that is possible to create a life of joy and fulfillment.

Jules Kay

I’m Jules Kay and I’m a Shamanic Energy Healer, Teacher, and Coach. I am a Breathwork Facilitator and work with the heart-opening plant medicine, Cacao. I have studied a range of healing practices over the past 18 years, rediscovering my own inner healer, talents, and purpose in the process. One of my talents is seeing the highest potential in people, even before they know it. I love people. My joy comes from guiding and leading women on their own journey of self-healing and pure empowerment, dissolving energy blockages and negative patterns along the way. I am a hand holder and supporter at heart, holding safe space energetically for your own healing practice. Breathwork and Cacao work exceptionally well together in connecting and aligning the heart, mind, and emotions. When we become more present and aligned in our bodies, we are able to enjoy life as we were always meant to. Life is full of creativity, purpose, passion, joy, and bliss.

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