What Are The Financial Benefits?

You May Be Asking As A Collaborator.

The Return On My Investment
Customers Ask?

Now It’s Time Healers & Teachers
Do The Same.

Our Mission

Future Collaborators

TVHC is a community-led platform that offers a virtual space to teachers, therapists, healers, and self-help facilitators who hold space for healing.  Meanwhile, TVHC holds the literal space for you so you, as a collaborator and change-maker, can spend more time focusing on your niche. At the same time, we navigate the ever-changing online business world for you.  As a result, you get to earn a living and reach a wider audience without getting burnt out by having to consistently create FREE content and give-a-ways.

By collaborating with us, you’ll have endless free content to share without having to create it all yourself.

We are taught as children that sharing is caring, and in our spiritual development, we’re taught sharing will produce good karma and increase abundance but has anyone ever mapped out how you can share clients and earn a monthly income while also increasing your annual turnover?


What’s more, the nature of the environment we’ve been working in programs you to believe that if your clients try other classes and healers, you will lose them.

However, the tables have completely turned in 2020.  And, as you have learnt, you could be someone’s favorite teacher, therapist, or coach, but may not be getting paid a cent, by them.  Meanwhile, they are paying someone else.

If this resonates with you, it means you have woken up.  I want to reassure you that TVHC understands your dilemma and no longer wishes for you to work for free until your light is dimmed.  So, are you ready to join us as a collaborator and enter a space where we work and THRIVE together?

Ready To Join Us As a Collaborator &
Have Us Promote Your Offering
& Earn A Recurring Monthly Income?

Here’s How We Can Help You As A Collaborator

So What Is TVHC?

How Does Becoming a Collaborator Work?

How We Support You As A Collaborator

Instead of a bricks and mortar building that houses a variety of complementary therapies, we are an online platform.  We’re home to therapists, teachers, coaches, self-help-preneurs like you and me. What’s more, we support people who transfer their healing modalities to the virtual world and who understand that teaching and holding a space for others to experience our work is beyond the reach of one-to-one appointments or classes.

What Are The Nuts & Bolts Of Working With Us As A Collaborator?

What will you receive as a collaborator?

  • We have a web-based members platform
  • A private Facebook group
  • Support the healing arts Patron community

Plus all the social media platforms you’d expect to find from a modern business.

Why You Need To Join Us As A Collaborator

Why Is This Important & For How Long?

Why Should You Join Us As A Collaborator?

There are more people than ever before in need of therapy, self-care facilitators, teachers, and coaches.  There are untold numbers of people who can’t access their usual therapist and many more who have denied themselves the help they need, for years on end and who are now suffering in silence or just soldiering on with their lives.  Thankfully, our platform gives the power back to the individual to employ self-care as a lifestyle choice.  Equally importantly, it gives you privacy in our modern world, where isolation is on the rise, but privacy is not.


What About After 2020

Our Mission – How We Support You As a Collaborator

No spoiler alerts.  

However it’s become increasingly clear, the way we look and practice self-care will never be the same again, I can safely say we are here for good!

And that our mission is to put an end to your pain and to promote and foster an attitude of alignment, harmony & prosperity. 

After all, we live in the age of information and here at TVHC, we give you a flow of information to sustain you and on a monthly basis, to binge on. 

Information + self-care = The Virtual Holistic Centre. 

How Joining Us A Collaborator Will
Benefit You

Continually Creating Free Content

Will only lead to:

  • Burn out.  The very thing you and I are trying to help our clients recover from.
  • Killing the flame inside your entrepreneurial spirit.
  • You never catching up with the likes of Yoga with Adriene or winning the YouTube award like Ralph Smart.
  • You feeding Google instead of showing up in their rankings and being present on all the platforms you need to be.

However, with the community coverage, the partnering of the playlist and the PR broadcasting of TVHC’s marketing reach, every one of you will become a name Facebook and Google will begin to recognise. 

Not only that, they’ll see you and see people engaging in your offerings from multiple places, and you’ll become the person to watch!

It’s Called Building Trust & Nurturing Your Audience

Now Is The Time To Become A Collaborator

We are entering into a recession so it’s best to build relationships now with those that will be impacted so later, once they have the funds to invest in themselves again, they’ll be up for buying your programmes, courses and books that they’ve seen here. And you’ll also be able to offer them your products and services to buy right now.

Meanwhile this platform, our content & services is a bargain for your clients and you’ll earn a monthly, scalable, recurring income.

You Will Grow As A Collaborator

How Will You Earn An Income As Collaborator?

By adding this membership platform to your existing business and getting your clients enrolled, you’ll solve the problem of finding ways to:

  • Switch from free services to paid services
  • Constantly having to create free content.

Not only that, but you’ll also receive the benefits of having a steady income from a lower price offer while you work on creating your higher price offers. Meanwhile, your clients remain your clients.

All from uploading your free and exclusive VIP content to get your community to sign up.  You’ll communicate with them as you, with even more to share, by telling them in your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly newsletter what’s going on in your community.

In addition, they also receive classes on demand which will: 

  • Keep your clients enrolled.
  • Occupied by binge-worthy content
  • Ready for your next set of classes
  • Program or live content, whenever you’re ready.

Just when they think of you you’ll appear with your new content (even content they have received before). Importantly, knowing they can have your content on-demand is what makes their membership worthwhile.  And this is how they’ll become life members, by the relationship they build with you inside the hub, giving you a secure monthly income.

How You’ll Make A Monthly Income As A Collaborator.

You’ll receive a monthly income:

  • Regardless of how much content you initially upload.
  • No matter how many classes you teach live.
  • You’ll receive a monthly income regardless of where you live.

Your monthly income will come from your client’s enrolments.  For as long as they are enrolled you consistently earn an income from them, which is how they’ll remain your clients, and no one else’s, regardless of whose classes they take.

What’s more, they will also continue to engage with you through your newsletters, blogs and however you speak to your clients.  Meanwhile, you can use the communities media and the assigned free content to entice them to enrol as well as the monthly schedule.

You Might Be Thinking –
Will They Be Able To Afford Both
Of My Own Services

What You’ll Be Monetising

Besides the membership, your existing clients will have the opportunity to monetise any of your own existing or new products to this new audience.  

As a collaborator, you can monetise your:

  • Programs
  • Courses
  • Books
  • Training
  • One-to-ones
  • Classes

We offer this container for free which allows your work to be consistently be seen by new people.  What’s more, there is no charge to become a collaborator and address our members directly as long as your contributions stick to the rule of 80-90% value and 10-20% sales, after all, members are paying for your services.  

The very practice of exchanging business cards will grow your name, increase your traffic to your website, increase your walk-ins and guest appearances and speed up the monetisation of such things like a YouTube channel.  Of course, the same goes for your Google business page, Facebook, Instagram and so on.

The difference of exchanging your business card with us is that it won’t be left on the shelf or thrown in the bin.  Additionally, each member or visitor who receives TVHC’s card will receive yours, along with a demo, playlist and some exclusivity to you, making you the one to watch.

When you upload your exclusive content and whatever freebies you’d like to share you’ll encourage your clients to remain because they’ll be educated, entertained, inspired and feel nurtured by all the unexpected bonus content.

The Stages A Collaborator

Takes When Joining

Step 1 Of Becoming A Collaborator

First of all, you’ll need to decide to upload some content, be it classes or workshop into the hub to gain FREE publicity and be seen as an authority in your field, while increasing your following.

Then, you’ll need to go straight to the application form.  Once you have filled that in and uploaded a sample of your work which meets the following standards:

  • Filmed in landscape mode
  • Good to high resolution in both sound and visual quality
  • Does not claim to fix or heal and includes a medical disclaimer
  • No nudity
  • No profanity

You can move on to Step 4.  If you are looking to add a lower-priced product to your business, such as a membership plan so you can focus on creating a bigger product such as a program or course, then read on and return to this form ‘ Get Started With 10 Questions’ once you’ve read all the steps.

Step 2 Of Becoming A Collaborator

If you decide you would like to become a collaborator and increase your income you need to complete Step 1, which asks you to upload a demo or a class of your teaching, preferably in the location you intend to teach from.  Of course, this isn’t always possible as some of us like myself have Nomadic tendencies which is why we may be building an online business.  However, if you were to teach a live class tomorrow, where would you teach it and where did you teach your last online live class?

We will then get in touch with you, hopefully within a week to clarify what you would like to do.  Afterwards, we will assign you your own store link along with a few short training videos on how to set up and get going.  We like to think of this like the process of exchanging business cards.  Then, while you wait for your assigned link to come through, you can get busy taking the business cards of all the other collaborators by adding TVHC links to your platforms.  Don’t worry, you’ll find all of these links in the email we send you and, in case any of this is new to you, we’ll include some handy short videos to help you get set up.

Step 3 Of Becoming A Collaborator

Firstly, at TVHC we believe it makes sense to start with social media platforms because as a society, we spend most of our time there.  Secondly, email marketing is still the best way to communicate with your audience so,  if you have a class scheduled inside TVHC, and you’re on both platforms, it gets your clients talking about it.

Lastly, we’ll help you integrate the hyperlink link of your website, school platform and/ or landing pages if you haven’t done so yet and would like our help.  It is not a difficult process, however, if you need us, we are here!  You will also be given access to our media files, reviews and email automation sequences for your mailing list.

Step 4 Of Becoming A Collaborator

Lastly, but far from least, you’ll be added to the TVHC Wellness collaborators Facebook Group.  Where you’ll find the latest trainings on:

  • Marketing
  • How to become more proficient on camera so you start to film like a pro.
  • How to apply simple edits to your content before uploading it.
  • Using editing tools to improve your brand.
  • Simple training in sound and lighting equipment.
  • Where you can find the latest free content from TVHC for your clients.
  • Where to find the monthly schedule.

All inside TVHC Wellness Collaborators Private Facebook  Group

I believe it’s important that every business has a social value too, so, at TVHC, 10% of each sale goes towards charities supporting our planetary health. 

TreeSisters is an incredible charity which I have watched grow from small beginnings and which I trust deeply, having carefully checked and vetted their work. They are a charity whose work transcends, wealth, region, race and politics.  

Shave a two-pronged approach to planetary health.  First, they support reforestation and secondly, they believe deeply in womankind being guardians of the forest. All in the name of ensuring our planet’s future and abundance through healthy soil and water, truly the elixir of life. “TreeSisters is an invitation to everyone to do as much radical good as they can for the planet. Our global network of treeSisters is transforming both lives and landscapes in extraordinary ways. TreeSisters offers unique global programs that focus on encouraging women’s leadership, Nature-connection, and significant behaviour change as we make the shift from being consumers to restorers. TreeSisters is funding the restoration of environments, biodiversity and communities within more than 10 major ecosystems around the global Tropics, through a diverse portfolio of vetted, trusted reforestation projects and in the process, planting millions of trees. Join us in making ecological restoration the new norm!

As A Collaborator,
You’ll Help Give Back For A Brighter Future.

By Treesisters

We give 3% to treesisters to help reforest our planet.

By Lauren Williams

Award winning poet at age 16.

Shared Testimonials
Of Collaborators


Mary McCann

I came to you through a referral from my sister, who I trust, she’s a nurse and it’s worked tremendously.  I read about Yoga Nidra, but I didn’t know how it would make me feel.

It was nice of you to explain about sleep cycles, it was enlightening.  When I came around I felt so relaxed, so revitalised.  It was wonderful!  I felt like I had a really good sleep.  I like the benefits the Yoga Nidra and the sound bath gives me.  It’s a place that calms the mind down and soothes the body and it gives me a little bit of me-time from the outside world and the outside forces we deal with of a regular basis.

Becky Mitchell

I was first interested in the massage work, but I’ve attended the yoga classes than not, for the possitive intentions and the creativity it offers.

You see I have problems with my back, but I was made to feel really comfortable with it.  By making sure I have enough support.  At a live event I felt a little bit like a catapilair, all cocooned.  I felt safe! It was really relaxing.

The practice has unlocked part of my creativity which has created something thats been both beautiful and strange, yet very possitive!

Dionne Roberts

I look forward to David’s weekly affirmations.  One week I find myself smiling from ear to ear.

This was when I realised how effective this short, sweet practice lights me up and what a glow David has to bring such an effect.

I’m so happy I have them on demand for whenever there’s a bump in the road.

Lynn Smith

I started using Dionne Yoga Nidra Soundscapes during lockdown.  They helped relax and calm me during this difficult period, very effectively.

Yoga Nidra has been a favorite of mine for many years, but Dionne’s version is exceptional. She starts with a warm welcome and then guides you with her beautiful, soft voice, through a myriad of incredible sounds, some of which I have never heard before.  You are immersed in her themed program and transported to somewhere of complete relaxation and peace.  The feeling afterwards, is bliss.  Dionne is an expert at her craft and I always eagerly await her next creation and enjoy the presence of this sweet lady.  You will not be disappointed.

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