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Tier One

I Can't Sleep


  • Sleep Challenges To;
  • Repattern Your Behaviour
  • Habits
  • Education
  • Tools
  • Sleep Strategies & Exercises
  • Click & Play Audios


Rest & Digest Retreat

Three Months



To establish the baseline of your health and all your other ailments that have been triggered and exasperated by sleep deprivation.

Since it’s contributing factor in weight gain, lowered immunity, unsettled glandular system and more, it is important to start here.  For some women, this may be enough assistance they need.  If they are able to do the work themselves and keep themselves accountable.


How To Sleep Happily

Tier Two

Life After Cancer



  • Everything In Tier One +
  • Click & Play Group Audios
  • Bespoke, Customised Material Just For You,
  • 3 One Too One Meetings
  • Excessive Heat
  • Skin Complications
  • Weight Gain
  • Vigina Care
  • Glandular System
  • Anxiety & Mood
  • Grow A Tool Box For Your Ailments

Six Months




This six months program will set you up for a healthy start to your menopause.  Especially since the foundation pillar of sleep is included.

Before you progress on to learning strategies to deal with your ailments and how to take care of them.  With lifestyle suggestions, the work we will do together on breaking, unhelpful habits and the re-patterning of new ones.

By the end of the six months, you’ll have a first aid toolbox for day and night use as well as for your mind and body.

Including The Bonus > Rest & Digest Virtual Retreat +

My Ebook

Menopause Women png

Tier Three

Expertise, Authority & Credibility


  • Everything In Tier One & Tier Two +
  • Finding Your Purpose
  • Trauma Work
  • Community
  • Networking Opportunity
  • Mastermind Classes
  • One Chapter In A Collaborative Book
  • Springboard Your Professional Carrer


Same As Above +

Ebook Version Of A Compilation Book (Like
The You’ll Be In) ‘Wellness For Winners)

& Ebook Of My Full Story


Finding Your Voice

Twelve Months

As you know we are all different, which is why menopause can last for; one, three, five, ten or even fifteen years.  This is not a reflection of how intense it can be, although when it’s compounded over time it can be detrimental to your longevity.

The intensity of the ailments is different in each woman and whether it is a natural progression or surgically induced.

Menopause can be an up-heaving time for some women.  Bringing an end to a professional career, relationships and death

This is why a twelve-month program can really come in handy.  It offers time for healing and grief work.  For you to move through trauma, network and develop community, direction.  On top of all that we help to set you up on your path by giving you a platform to manifest your next move.  With this one chapter in a best selling book you will gain instant credibility, you it will add crediabicred and authority to your name.  Making you an expert in your chosen career.  Whether you stay within your existing field or you start a new path.  While having a team of people cheering you on.

    Girls trip



    What goes with all three programs is the ‘Rest & Digest Virtual Retreat’.  Because REST is the foundation pillar, of the health, of menopausal women I have chosen to grant this virtual retreat as a bonus. Whether you sign up for a 3-month package or 12.  You’ll get the retreat and all it updates for as long as it exists.

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